5 Great Reasons To Stay In Bed Today

And some wisdom from W.C. Fields

You might run into a valuable connection at the cafe that changes your life.

They might have hired a new person at work who could become your best friend.

The creator of this list is already up making money, so there’s none left for you.

That dude or chick at the gym that you flirt with might finally ask you out.

The boss might call you into their office. To give you a PROMOTION.

Maybe W. C. Fields was right when he said

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There’s no use being a damn fool about it.”

About Ian

Ian is a media consultant, writer, musician, and budding public speaker with an eye on being the next Ellen. Ian's interest in helping others find success and happiness stems from his experience with events planning and media consulting with organizations like Interfluence.com and the Kenya/US NGO Amara Conservation from 2000-2008, which taught him how little we all know about what we're really doing. From 2008 until April of 2011, Ian wrote for and maintained the site DissociatedPress.com. Ian learned long ago that the journey to success may take occasional detours, and often eschews the road map in favor of taking in life's scenery. His first business venture was a small telecom company in the late 1980's, but subsequent ventures included pursuing a pop music career, screenwriting, and the foodservice and retail employment that often follows such pursuits. After struggling with addiction for years, Ian is happily embracing recovery and the clarity it brings.