I Love the Sound of My Own Name

Don't you?

I just read a review of Email Merge X for the Macintosh that talked about how more people opened emails whose salutations referred to them by name. It’s a marketing cliche that people respond well to the sound of their own names, and I know I’m no exception. We’re programmed from birth to recognize that the sound of our names is paired with food, affection, recognition, punishment, and rewards.

Ian and I have been writing all week about telling your story. The funny thing is, you can leverage your hard-wired response to your own name even when you talk to yourself. Write your story, and dwell on the positive. Make sure you include your accomplishments, your happiest days, and the times when you’ve been most effective. When you’ve got a decent version of the story written, edit it down to “elevator speech” length (that’s a speech about yourself you can give during a 30-second elevator ride).

Then, make sure the speech is addressed to YOU! That’s right, you’re gonna tell yourself your own story in the form of an elevator speech, and you’re gonna use your own name. Then, tell the story to yourself whenever you have a free moment – in the car, in the shower, first thing in the morning, or just before you go to bed. If you don’t end up liking the way it makes you feel, we’ll give you double your personal baggage back!

Check our  Success Page for an example of a personal elevator speech! Each week for the next few months, Ian and I will be riffing on a theme from our recently published book 101 Ideas to Kick Your Ass Into Gear. This week’s theme is “Tell Your Story”

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