The Paleo Diet

Eat Like a Caveman, or a Doctor

Do you eat as well as you should? No?

I didn’t think so.

I usually don’t either. But at the beginning of this year I rededicated myself to a very low carbohydrate dietary regimen, and as usual, the results have been great! I was inspired by a wonderful TED lecture given by Dr. Terry Wahls, about how she essentially cured herself of multiple sclerosis. If you have 17 minutes to spare, I encourage you to watch the lecture, but if you don’t have time, here’s the basic message:

Eat a Paleo Diet or a very similar diet, with at least 3 dinner plates of vegetables every day, including lots of dark, rich vegetables like kale and spinach as well as brightly colored vegetables, grass fed meats, organ meats, nuts, roots, and berries. Eat very little food containing carbohydrates and none that contains highly processed carbs like white flour and high-fructose corn syrup. A few years ago I tried what Tony Robbins called a “fat burning diet” which is very similar.

In both cases, I lost weight, felt less fatigue and joint pain, had more consistent energy throughout the day, and required less sleep. My skin is clearer, I’m thinking better, and, maybe most important of all, I’m walking what I talk, which is that the proper dietary regimen (not a “diet” since I didn’t set out to lose weight) can help boost all your other success efforts.

About Nicklaus

Nick has studied the martial arts and philosophies of Asia for 44 years, and has used their principles to start five successful businesses, including SEO Ann Arbor. He's an attorney, entrepreneur, consultant, and author of four books on martial arts, including Budo Mind and Body, which was featured in Black Belt Magazine. He advises a wide variety of businesses and individuals on marketing, motivation, mastery, success, and kicking your ass into gear.