You can't buy it for a million bucks!

About 3 years ago, after reading perhaps the 100th self-help guide telling me I should simply “decide to be happy,” I decided to put aside my lifetime of cynicism and simply give it a try.

You know what? It works!

I don’t know what all other people use to get happy, but here’s what worked for me: (1) start each day with a personal affirmation (“It’s gonna be a great day!” or “I am really happy!”); (2) notice all the good things (there are a LOT of ‘em); and (3) when people ask how it’s going, answer with a VERY positive response (“How’s it going?” “GREAT!” or “How are you?” “FANTASTIC, but I’m gonna get better!”).

That’s it. That’ll be one million dollars. please.

About Nicklaus

Nick has studied the martial arts and philosophies of Asia for 44 years, and has used their principles to start five successful businesses, including SEO Ann Arbor. He's an attorney, entrepreneur, consultant, and author of four books on martial arts, including Budo Mind and Body, which was featured in Black Belt Magazine. He advises a wide variety of businesses and individuals on marketing, motivation, mastery, success, and kicking your ass into gear.