Greed Really IS Good

and it's not just Gordon Gecko who said so

You may have to be strolling the foothills of senility like me to remember the original Wall Street movie starring Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen, but almost everybody over the age of 30 remembers the iconic speech in which Douglas, playing diabolical corporate raider Gordon Gecko, opined that “Greed is good.” It became a mantra for people with aspirations and, for people who claimed to occupy the moral high ground, a sign of everything wrong with corporate America. But if you seek to better the condition of your bank account, don’t despair. High moral authority supports you. Attainment is actually a good thing!

I’ve been reading Mastery Through Accomplishment by Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan. The essence of his message was the surprisingly Gecko-like statement that “The secret of life is the desire to attain something; the absence of this makes life useless.” Now, I don’t know about you, but I think I’ve been sold a bill of goods! Seems like all my life people in positions of religious authority have been telling me to give, sacrifice, and put aside all thoughts of earthly attainment. Khan, on the other hand, says that holiness, such as it can be achieved in human form, can be reached through pursuing your chosen mission with passion, discipline, and a drive for perfection in action. As an inveterate entrepreneur, I can definitely get behind that idea!

“Mastery is not only a means of accomplishing the things of the world, but it is that by which a person fulfills the purpose of his life. It is not necessary for man to leave all the things of the world and go into retreat. He can attend to his business, to his profession, to his duties in life and yet at the same time develop this spirit in himself which is the spirit of mastery.”

What is your mission? Your chosen path to mastery?

About Nicklaus

Nick has studied the martial arts and philosophies of Asia for 44 years, and has used their principles to start five successful businesses, including SEO Ann Arbor. He's an attorney, entrepreneur, consultant, and author of four books on martial arts, including Budo Mind and Body, which was featured in Black Belt Magazine. He advises a wide variety of businesses and individuals on marketing, motivation, mastery, success, and kicking your ass into gear.